Why choose Jenny?

Jenny’s clients can tell you that her massage and bodywork has made a huge impact on their lives by relieving pain or tension, restoring movement, and enhancing the quality of everyday life.

She enjoys creating healing sessions tailored to support each client’s unique wellness journey. Her guiding focus is myofascial release (MFR), but she may incorporate other techniques such as neuromuscular therapy (NMT)/trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy or visceral manipulation.

In the words of her clients:

I have been seeing massage therapists for many years. Jenny is personable, skilled, and knowledgeable. Working with her, I have been able to address a number of longstanding issues, in particular increasing flexibility and releasing chronic tension in my neck. After each session, I have both increased comfort, and some new ideas about how to address areas of tension/discomfort.  This is a level of service that is far above other therapists that I have seen. -W.S.

Jenny has not just knowledge of the body but an instinctive understanding of how to help release discomfort and pain. She creates a comfortable and warm environment that allows a person to heal. After my sessions with her I feel relaxed and positively energized.  -V.M.

Within three sessions, Jenny was able to break the pain cycle that I had been in for two years. Words cannot convey the relief and happiness that come from multiple days without pain. Jenny’s kindness and passion for healing is evident in every session: I truly believe she has been given the gift of healing. I am so thankful to have found my way to her, and I hope you will, too!  –Lauren P.

Common issues Jenny can help manage:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • hip pain
  • headaches
  • jaw pain (e.g., from teeth grinding, TMJ dysfunction)
  • shoulder discomfort (e.g., rotator cuff issues, frozen shoulder, etc.)
  • hand, wrist, and arm pain (e.g., carpal tunnel symptoms)
  • abdominal discomfort
  • sciatica
  • knee pain
  • leg pain (e.g., shin splints)
  • foot discomfort (e.g., plantar fasciitis)
  • restrictive scars (from surgery or injuries)
  • emotional/mental stress

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